Scratch Offs

Scratch offs tips to help you increase your odds of winning more money on scratch offs. Also known as scratch cards, instant tickets, lottery scratch offs! there al played the same. This site will at best give you a better overall mindset and odds to at least win a prize

$10 Tickets Have Great Odds Of winners why? Because you Pay more for the ticket so your Odds are greater to win!

Check or Scan your tickets to make sure you won! Can’t Tell You How Mnay Times Found Winners In the Trash.

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Tip # 1 When buying scratch off lottery tickets be sure to check the bar code to make sure it hasn’t been tampered with or cashed already!

Tip ¬†#2 Always scan your ticket to double check that it is’t a winner, sometime u can win atomaticaly with out matching any numbers

Tip # 3 Check around before you buy to see how many loser tickets are in the trash, but  that ticker there bound to be a winner coming up

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