Power Ball America Favorite Jackpot Game! This Game Is simular to Mega Millions. The price is one difference Powerball is $2 where as Mega Million Is $1.  The drawings take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 pm ET. A player can also access the winning numbers on the Powerball official website.

Powerball is a very tough game to win. A player must match 5 numbers from a pool of 59 numbers and then also match the “Powerball” which is drawn from a pool of 39 numbers. The odds of winning the grand prize are 1 in 195,249,054.00.

The Powerball Lottery game is about as close to a national lottery as you can get within the United States. In total, 41 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands are all participants in the game.


The best tips is listed below        ========>Click Here To Start Winning Powerball

1.  Use a wheeling system which means use a combination of example, 4,8,15,16,21,43 then switch it up 5,9,16,22,44

2. There more double digit numbers then they are single so aim for high numbers to increase you odds

3. Always use a combination of family b’days and age and hot numbers that has been fallen a lot in the past few draws.

4. Quick picks are ok but mix it up and use a QP and a series of numbers you pick yourself to cover both basis.

5. Make sure if you’re in a lottery pool, you send photo proof of the tickets you bought for the group and ones you bought for yourself. one word lawsuit!

6. The more tickets you buy the better your odds are of winning go up & always sign your tickets

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