Pick 4

Pick 4.2

Pick 4 lottery is played just like pick 3 but with another number in the sequence. pick 4 pays out more than pick 3 because it is a harder number combinations to hit! Today i will share some of my most popular tips of winning pick 4. If you follow these tips you will at least hit your number box to recoup you investment.  I’ve used several different method that I’ve got  from   lotterydestroyer       method. Pick 4 can be easy if you just know how to play the game the right way. so below i will give you a example of how lottery destroyer help me win hundreds of dollars in cash.

1.pick numbers that mean something to you like the months and year you was born example: 0277 or you can pick the year you was born example: 1977

2. Now that we have our numbers its time to place wager on the numbers in most states pick 4 is played $1 straight or .50 cent straight or $1.00 box or .50  cent box

3. Most states $1 straight pays 5k and .50 cent straight can pay $2500 $1.00 box depending if its identical numbers can pay up to $400

4. To play it Safe and to make sure you gain a prize you want to play your wager 50/50 or straight/box! which basically means if you get straight you win if you get it box you  win

5. wheeling system you want to play what you can only afford to lose so 1977 and 0277 0278 is a great combo to catch numbers that fall close to the number you pick

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